Do you like music? Do you know what goes into the music industry? Many people like learning about things that go on in the music industry. And sometimes, this can lead to the birth of some myths. Here is a list of the funniest myths of the music industry that people believe. Go through this list and deny believing these myths, especially if you are an aspiring musician.

1. You, Will, Become Successful in The Music Industry After getting a Record Deal

Almost 98 percent of all musical works signed to major labels fail. This means, there is a high chance that an artist won’t even be able to recover enough money to pay his advance. This leads to record label dropping him even before the release of his second (or first at worst case) album. Signing with a label can be riskier than working yourself for your music. Being successful in the music industry doesn’t mean that you have to be on the cover page of Rolling Stone. You don’t need the paparazzi to be around you all the time or sell out arenas, just having a comfortable life as a musician is all that matters. And for that, you don’t need a record deal.

2. Online Streaming is Not Good For Music

When someone buys a CD or download a song, it stays with the person. These two are equal as it’s a one-time payment from which you can never earn again. 


However, things are different from streaming. If your song is great, people will listen to it again and again, and for years. Which means you will earn with streaming more than you ever could be a single sale. And yes, streaming does not pay you too much initially, but in the long run, you will earn a lot more, if your music is good.

3. If You Get Your Song on a TV Show, You Will Become a Star

Well, it may sound cool to get your song on a TV show. But there are just too many shows now with a lot of music played in them. Not every show can be like Grey’s Anatomy of 2007 that would give the artist a break. This is a big myth.


Though, commercials can help you more than a TV show. You have Imagine Dragons as the biggest example. They even pay a lot more than what a TV show would pay you. Of course, licensing can help you to get some exposure, but don’t just sit back trusting TV placements.

4. Going on a TV Singing Competition Show Will Make Your Music Career

Can you name even 10 American Idol Winners? Leave winners, name any 10 finalists from any 14 seasons. There are 140 of them and you would not even remember the names of 10. These are TV shows, not a road to your music career. If you are smart, you might use this platform as a launchpad but it won’t help you any further. You can end up getting caught in the web of label deals having zero room for negotiation.

5. Just Booking a Show Will Make People Show up For it

Promoting your show is crucial, that too heavily. If you want people to come to your show, you have to first make sure that they know about your show. Isn’t it obvious? You have to do promotions. Start by creating a Facebook event, doing only that won’t help. You have to work more on your promotions.

6. Musicians Will Not Create Music if People Don’t Buy

We are surrounded by music. Many artists are releasing new music every day. We, musicians love making new music, it’s for us first before anyone else. And if you can not pay a little amount for a digital file of data or a plastic disc, it won’t affect my music.

7. You Are Either a Superstar or a Struggling Artist

This is the biggest myth you can ever fall for. Never judge your success with the fame you are getting. Your music must satisfy you internally and should be able to help you earn enough to live a comfortable life. Also, middle-class musicians grow a lot more than the other groups of musicians. If you are at peace from the inside by doing what you love, you are successful. 

8. Recording Studio Matters

The thing that matters the most is the sound of your music on the album. If your music is sounding good, no one would care where it was recorded. So, it is better that you don’t pay too much to go into an expensive recording studio to record your music. You must spend on talent.

Final Words

You must stay away from these myths. They can take you on the wrong path. These were some of the myths that I find funny. While these are funny, many artists still believe them, don’t be one of them and act smart. Work hard on your skills and rock on!