Anime, despite being one of the 21st century's most pervasive cultural properties, is particularly difficult to define, owing to the medium's over a century of evolution and reinvention.

It has recently become one of the world's most popular cultures, as well as one of the most popular movie genres. Every year, hundreds of new anime are broadcast on television and released in theatres in Japan.

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Anyway, here are 7 of the most visually stunning anime films.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

While attempting to protect his village from a god-turned-daemon, Ashitaka, the last Emishi prince, is cursed. He must now flee, never to return, with the looming threat of the curse that will eventually kill him. Ashitaka rides his elk west in search of a cure for his curse.

Along the way, he meets San, aka Princess Mononoke, who rides the wolf god. Shishigami, the Forest Spirit and Lady Eboshi, who rules over Iron Town. The conflict between humans and nature is central to this film, which delivers a powerful message about coexistence.



Paprika, the first film on this list in which Satoshi Kon was both writer and director, is arguably Kon's most well-known work. The film follows Paprika, a research psychologist who uses a device that allows her to help patients by entering their dreams; however, when the machine is stolen, all Hell breaks loose, and only Paprika can stop it.

Paprika was Kon's final feature film before his death in 2010, and it received positive reviews from critics, who praised the animation in particular. Many people have noted a striking resemblance between this film and Christopher Nolan's Inception, including plot similarities as well as similar scenes and characters.


In This Corner Of The World (2016)

The film, set in 1940s Japan, tells the story of a young woman caught in the deadly tentacles of World War 2. This heart-wrenching tale was most appreciated for its simple narrative. The film is about Suzu, a naive young woman with a passion for drawing and her resilience in the face of extreme adversities. 

The film won several awards including the 40th Japan Academy Film Prize for Best Animated Film.

Spirited Away (2002)

While Alice tumbled into Wonderland, falling headfirst into the hole, Chihiro reluctantly walks into what appears to be an abandoned amusement park with her parents. As the sun sets, a bath house comes to life, shadows form, and spirits of various sizes are welcomed inside.

Chihiro, who discovers, to her horror, that her parents have been turned into pigs, responds by going in. How does she get away from Yubaba, the witch who controls the bath-house, rescue her parents, and return to the human world?

Spirited Away received a fantastic response, amassing a slew of awards. It won Best Picture at the 25th Japan Academy Prize, the Golden Bear at the 52nd Berlin International Film Festival, and Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards, in addition to Best Picture at the 25th Japan Academy Prize.


A Silent Voice

The film, set in 1940s Japan, tells the story of a young woman caught in World War II’s deadly tentacles. This heartbreaking story was praised for its straightforward narrative. 

Suzu, a naive young woman with a passion for drawing, is lost in her own world sometimes and her resilience in the face of extreme adversity, has the focal highlight in the film.

This anime won a handful of awards, including the 40th Japan Academy Film Prize for Best Animated Film.

5 Centimeters per Second 

5 Centimeters per Second is regarded as one of Makoto Shinkai's early masterpieces. This anime film, released in 2007, is divided into three sections with a total running time of about an hour: Cherry Blossom, Cosmonaut, and 5 Centimeters per Second.

These three parts revolve around Takaki, a young boy, and Akari, the main heroine.

They like each other when they are elementary school students but the situation is changing with the passage of time. This anime represents the cruel but real “reality”. 


Perfect Blue 

Perfect Blue is a 1997 film directed by Kon that was not written by him. The film tells the storey of Mima Kirigoe, a pop singer who retires from music to pursue acting and becomes the target of a stalker. However, a series of murders begin to occur, and Mima's grip on reality begins to fray as she is haunted by a ghost from her past, herself.

This movie has been praised for being a haunting portrayal of the male gaze and objectification of women in the entertainment industry. As Mima loses her grip on reality it starts to attack her identity. Perfect Blue is a fantastic film that many argue is Kon's best feature film, and rightfully deserves a high place on our list.

All in all we believe any source of entertainment to be a much needed break from reality and our busy lives. It gives a glimpse of what and how fiction is depicted on screen. 

Don't end up spending too much time on movies and dramas, because you sure wouldn’t want to be addicted to these and stray away from reality.