If you are a true Rock n’ Roll fan, you might not like the idea of “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. For some people, it is the exact opposite of what Rock n’ Roll stands for. But, no matter what, it does exist. And it has inducted some of the great artists ever walked on this planet. So, I have prepared a list of artists that I feel are the best ones in the Hall.

But, mind it, you may differ as the list is based on my personal opinions. Or you might relate to what I think about them. The artists I’m including in my list brought something with them on the table. Maybe they were the first ones who tried something new, or maybe their sound was exceptional. So, let’s get it on with the list.

1. Chuck Berry (1986)

Born on 18th October 1926, Cherry Berry is also known as the “Father of Rock N’ Roll”. I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t move to the “Johnny B. Goode”. His voice and guitar skills were just perfect for Rock N’ Roll sound. His lyrics that had the influence of the teen life and songs with guitar solos and showmanship he possessed can not be matched. Who can forget that duck walk! And his influence on rock music can never be ignored. He created the foundation of rock music. 

2. The Beatles (1988)

This nomination included band members George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. There’s no question on the impact of one of the greatest rock/pop bands Beatles had on the people. They gave a number of hits to the world in their brief time span. They are loved by many and influenced by many current artists.

3. Bob Dylan (1988)

What an artist he was. He wrote the best ‘rock’ lyrics and used them in a way that no one had done before. Over the years, he gave so many hits, and my personal favorite “knocking on heaven’s door”. He can not be compared with anyone, and his artistry was very unique. The way he presented his songs was exceptionally good. Also, his album Blood on The Tracks is one of the best rock albums in the history of rock.

4. Elvis Presley (1986)

Okay ladies, calm down. He had a charm that made ladies go crazy for him. Everyone danced on his songs, he shook the world with his voice. He was an amazing artist that is still remembered whenever people talk about Rock N’ Roll.

5. James Brown (1986)

The person who invented funk. James Joseph Brown was born on 3rd May 1933 in Barnwell, South Carolina. He was also known as the “Godfather of Soul” and “Soul Brother No. 1”. He had an astonishing career that lasted for more than 50 years. His influence can be seen in many music genres. He had an intense focus that is never found in anyone else.

6. Prince (2004)

Just like James Brown, Prince also wrote cosmic songs and could play guitar very well. I was confused about whether to put him above James or below because he was just too good. His voice had diversity, he could sing like an angel and a devil too. He mixed rock and pop genres, and his music reached a wide audience around the world.

7. Nirvana (2014)

Probably my favorite on this list. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Nirvana in 2014, 20 years after Kurt Cobain’s suicide. The members of Nirvana were Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic. Kurt was an icon for youth whose lyrics were very poetic. The sound of Nirvana connected with the audience to the next level and this made them huge stars. They brought Grunge music to the music scene. Many future artists were and are getting inspired by Nirvana’s style and sound. Even after the tragic death of Kurt Cobain in 1994, Nirvana’s music stayed with people and is still cherished by many.

8. Led Zeppelin (1995)

Everyone recognizes the intro to songs like “stairway to heaven” and “whole lotta love”. Every member from Led Zeppelin is a legend. John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant. Every member knew what they had to do to make good music. They mixed the heavy metal sound with the blues and created some of the most iconic songs ever made. Everything from their lyrics to compositions forced the fans to buy their music. No wonder they are one of the best selling artists. Just listen to “Kashmir” and “In My Time of Dying” and you will learn the diversity in their music.

Final Words

Whether you like the idea of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or not, it is here. And this was a list of the 8 best artists in this Hall of Fame. Again, these are my personal opinions. You might have different views regarding this. But overall. The music left with us by these legends will stay with us forever and we will keep enjoying the music forever.