Well, there are people who already used to work from home even before the lockdown. So, this is not a very big deal for them, except that they cannot step out once their work is done. The ones who recently started Work From Home are facing challenges to finding a perfect balance between work and home. 

It is daunting, trust me. I am working from home too, and it is not a piece of cake. Your whole routine gets messed up. Talk about sleep cycle, workout regimen, or diet- all disturbed. 

 I have made a strategy for my Work-From-Home. They are simple and easy self-care tips! As all we need is good health for our mind and body at the end of the day.   

Clean and Tidy Home

You’d be productive when you sit in a cleanroom. Also, a clean and tidy room makes you more work-efficient. If you have clutter all around, you will be distracted and lose focus from work.

Hey, it’s hygienically good too. Dirt or clutter will only invite germs and infections. I’m sure you don’t want any of them! Make time during the morning to cle4an your laundry and tidy your room before you start.

Maintain Sleep Cycle

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or office, a schedule is like an oath, you should always abide by it! Have a proper sleep cycle. I know Netflix can be enticing for some.

Don’t have an early meeting to be ready for? Wake up on time anyway. Turn off your gadgets and be on the bed early to rise and shine the next morning. Sticking to your regular bedtime is a crucial aspect of self-care.

Proper Diet Intake

The one thing that people do when they are at home is SNACKING! We just munch on anything that soothes our taste and cravings. This is one surprise for the ones who begin work from home.

You’ll munch on so many things and forget your healthy diet without even realizing it. Maintain a strict diet when you’re at home. Hey, this doesn’t mean that you’ll start eating- salad, carrots, or hummus as a diet. Nah! Eat Real Lunch and Dinner! Don’t forget to stay hydrated too!

Stay away from overeating as much as you can. If you find yourself eating just for the sake of it try out some of the best appetite suppressant options. This will help you monitor and control meal timings at the very least. 

Daily Workout

Since we are primarily working from home, we barely move. We get stuck in the designated workspace. Fix a workout time and refresh yourself. It is the best way to de-stress.

I know it is difficult to maintain a work-life balance when you work from the office. The whole routine gets bothered while working from home. I need not remind you how exercise is helpful.

You can leave your work for a little time, say for five minutes. It will re-energize after you start feeling sluggish in front of your monitor.

Have “ME-Time”

Self-care is incomplete if you don’t take out time for yourself.  “Me-Time” is to cleanse your mind and soul. It can be mud-baths, long-baths, saunas, massages, etc. If it is what you want, then just have a relaxed evening. It can be as simple as music as well

It’s about what methods you can adopt to bring you comfort, set priorities, and create structure. Always keep your stress level low! Find out activities or things that calm you. Yoga and Meditation can also help you maintain psychological well-being.

Socialize with Distance

I know you must miss your friends and officemates! Well, since we all are working from home, it becomes nearly impossible to meet them often. 


But you can always catch up with them over voice or video calls. At least, I consider the advancement of technology, in this case, as a gift. It is unimaginable to pass one day without having a word with my family or friends.


Work from home comes with its own challenges, but do not sabotage your health. “Self-care” is not being selfish. Keeping your kitchen stacked with alluring snacks, skipping workout sessions, or sacrificing sleep is not the option.

Work-From-Home is the best way to discipline yourself and be stubborn with your healthy routine. Make most of this opportunity without stressing yourself out!

Are you working from home too? Why not share how you maintain your balanced lifestyle?