There is something eerily fascinating to watch depictions of what could take place after a near world ending catastrophe. To even begin to fathom what humanity would be doing to survive in the most likely barren, unproductive version of our planet. Whether it is the desolate and disconsonant views that stretch the furthest extent of our imaginations, or just the sense of foreboding that each character has, there is just something fascinating about this genre. 

After the demise of what we know as home, in any and whatever form it turns to, be it ugly, nasty or ghastly, what we know is that only the strongest will survive. Be it through incredible physical feats or through highly evolved intelligence, only the one who stands after the rubble settles is the winner, of life of course. All of that is what encapsulates most of the people watching and making these movies. 


Now let's move onto the list we’ve prepared and make note, we are only including movies, where the apocalypse has taken place and there is an imminent struggle for survival. 


Zombieland is not your typical scare driven gore-horror movie, rather it deals with its subject in a different way. It is an upbeat movie which could even show the post-apocalyptic while bringing a smile to your face. It is overtly dumb and jam packed with graphics that resemble, rather even put the worse phase of the 80s to a shame. All this included it is still a real fun movie to watch on the whole.


The movie is set in a zombie infested America,if the name wasn't any obvious, you know now what the movie is about. With a band of misfits as the survivors, who try their best not to sabotage their attempts to survive, this is the perfect pick for anyone looking for a light hearted take on zombies and a dismal future. It is recommended to watch this movie with a light heart and open mind. You can get a calming effect with Delta - 8 gummies, so try that too.

Twelve Monkeys 

The only movie that wasn't a part of the mainstream audiences, this cult classic starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt is regarded as a weirder, darker, but overall better take on Terminator 2. With Brad Pitt in a character unlike he had taken over and performed to absolute perfection, were Terry Gilliam’s incredible and visceral visuals. Twelve Monkeys was even good enough to be made into a Television series, try to match that “I’ll Be Back”. 


When a virus reduces the last of humanity into nothing, Bruce Willis’ character is sent back in time, to stop the virus from even being created. What happens in the time dilated past and an unforeseen yet known future is what makes Twelve Monkeys an absolute marvel.

28 days Later

Although the “affected people” are in stark resemblance to what we know as Zombies, they are never referred to as that in the entire length of the movie. Cilian Murphy stars in this apocalypse ridden portrayal of Britain and plays his role to infinite precision, if that's even a thing. Murphy’s character wakes up in a hospital four weeks after a virus outbreak leading to the aforementioned zombie-like creatures. 


The barren London city that is depicted turns into a battlefield for survival where the remaining humans are just as vicious and vile as the monsters running helter skelter for human flesh.

Mad Max Fury Road

There is nothing and no one stopping anyone from proclaiming that the original Mad Max movies by George Miller have laid the platform for many post-apocalyptic movies to come in the future. But there can be no denying about this either that the latest installment of this pure classic defies all odds. It is hands down the best post apocalyptic movie to ever be made on the face of this planet. With minimal dialogs and maximum adventure, this movie is just hands down watchable. 


Fury Road breaks all convention with its ludacris sets, nearly impossible practical effects and picture perfect cinematography. Not just that the depth and connection with each character you get is heart touching, even in a cold hearted future portrayal. Get ready for the ride of your lives, by every and all means and paint yourself chrome, strap yourselves for a one way ride to Valhalla, cause you live, you die, you live again!